ACE 432: Farm Management

In Farm Management (ACE 432) students gain expertise in evaluating and making decisions similar to those faced by farm operators and managers. The course goals are that students understand basic economic principles as they relate to farm management decision making, that they can evaluate potential decision outcomes and recommendations on potential management decisions, and that they communicate clearly and persuasively.

“This class attracts a surprisingly diverse student population, both domestic and international, from across campus. The students quickly learn that despite their diverse backgrounds, they share many common interests,” says Professor Todd Kuethe, instructor for the course. “Students have the opportunity to apply the tools of economics and finance in important real-world decision making.”

At the conclusion of the course, all students present an original case study or management decision. Students identify an important decision in the farm management or agriculture environment and outline all of the alternatives available to the decision maker. They analyze the pros and cons of each decision alternative and recommend one of them.

“In addition to hearing traditional lectures, students discuss specific farm management case studies and participate in in-class experiments and exercises that illustrate economic principles at work,” Kuethe says. “Many of my former students are farm managers. Others work with farm managers in their decision-making process in sales, marketing, or risk management.”

Financial Security Professor Todd Kuethe