AGED 230: Leadership Communications

Leadership Communications (AGED 230) teaches students communication skills required of transformational leaders. The course includes practice in writing, speaking, and presenting data in a way that inspires trust. Students learn to present themselves with confidence when speaking to small and large groups, how to frame language to inspire others, how to give feedback in one-on-one coaching, and how to write for impact in the professional world.

“The course is open to students in all majors in any academic year (freshman to senior), so it’s an incredibly diverse learning environment,” says Kari Keating, instructor of the course. “Students work on communications assignments that reflect their major—from new drug therapies to architecture to food science. They are developing their professional identities, and AGED 230 gives them a safe and structured space to do that.”

The class has multiple assignments that require hands-on learning. “Team Up” is a group project where students create their own organizational dilemma and address it by role-playing a staff meeting using professional emails, an agenda, and data handouts. Students also participate in a “Mini TED Talk,” delivering 3- to 5-minute presentations inspiring others to consider new ways of thinking or adopting new technologies.

“My favorite part of teaching AGED 230 is witnessing the change in students’ self-efficacy and hearing about how much they feel they’ve improved their ability to speak up and to lead productive meetings,” Keating says. “I get to watch students start to ‘own’ their professional selves and their stories.”

Productive, Empowered Communities Kari Keating