FSHN 101: Introduction to Food Science and Human Nutrition

FSHN 101, Introduction to Food Science and Human Nutrition, covers a wide variety of topics. The course introduces students to food chemistry and composition, food microbiology and processing, and food laws and regulations. Students in FSHN 101 gain a general understanding of all facets of nutrition as it relates to health and wellness.

“Students are able to reflect on their own experiences with food while at the same time gaining a better understanding of a variety of scientific concepts. Plus, they are able to identify how food science and human nutrition play a significant role in a person’s everyday life,” says Dawn Bohn, course instructor.

Students have much to gain from FSHN 101, as the course allows them to improve their understanding of the fundamental science while relating it to an important part of their lives – food. The course allows students to contemplate their personal relationships with food, including selection, preparation, storage, and safety.

“FSHN 101 served as an excellent foundation for all of my food science classes,” says Jacob White, former student in the course. “Dr. Bohn is a fantastic lecturer, and the class was really engaging. This class is perfect if you are interested in entering the world of food science or if you just want to find out more about food in general.”

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