Continual Innovation

Imagine...Continual Innovation

Innovation is exciting—and necessary. In ACES we focus on innovation not for its own sake, but to affect the way we live and work. Using science to stretch the frontiers of knowledge, we create new technologies, develop new processes, and change paradigms across a range of disciplines—food and agricultural systems, natural resources and the environment, human activities and health, energy and biological systems, and more. Research findings often lead to applications that were never anticipated, in areas that create entirely new opportunities.

ACES scientists merge expertise from multiple specialties to master problems in novel and multifaceted ways like combining pioneering biology with engineering principles to apply nanotechnology to animal and crop production.

Imagination breeds innovation in ACES, ranging from engineering and technology to biological and environmental systems, to natural and managed processes. We are advancing society’s pathways to progress as new ideas continually come to life in ACES.

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Highlighted Research

Sustainable production of food, biofuels and bioproducts
Dr. Vijay Singh

To address some of the needs related to sustainable production of food, biofuels and bioproducts, Dr. Singh has developed an integrated research, teaching and outreach program in food and bioprocess engineering.  The primary focus of Dr. Singh’s research career has been on developing novel, cost-effective bioprocessing technologies that maximize the full potential of the chemical and phytochemical constituents in biological material and also reduce the environmental footprint of these bioprocesses.


ACE 398: Seminar Class (Section BP)
Theresa Miller and Dr. Nick Paulson

ACE 398 Section BP provides students with a practical environment where they are challenged to think critically as if in a real-world marketing situation. During this eight-week course, students work in teams to create a product and develop a marketing execution plan.

Course professor Nick Paulson says, “The great thing about ACE 398 is that it combines many of the skills we try to instill in students across many majors and concentrations in ACE and other ACES programs, while also developing the independent critical-thinking and communications skills students will need for success as they enter their careers.” 

Students who have taken the course strongly agree. ACE senior Carlee Silver said the class “allowed me to learn various aspects of business planning, from financials to communication and marketing. It’s amazing to see multiple product ideas be developed into very detailed and professional proposals, with one ultimately used to compete in the National Agri-marketing Association [NAMA] student competition in April. I’ve learned so many useful skills in this class, and it has been a very rewarding experience.” 

Theresa Miller’s favorite part of teaching the course is “seeing students use their creativity to take ownership of a product and a marketing plan, with little guidance from the instructors. The final product is much better than what any student could do alone.”

AGCM senior Ben Rakes has repeated ACE 398 as a part of his involvement in NAMA, the National Agri-Marketing Association, a student club. He accredits his growing skills in public speaking, writing, and strategic thinking to the course’s hands-on learning.

Paulson’s favorite part of teaching the course “is the fact that he doesn’t really teach in the traditional sense. The students learn much more from each other as they work together to complete an independent and practical marketing plan under a deadline.”