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People become better decision makers in their jobs and for their families when they can use knowledge that comes from sound research. In the College of ACES, we place a premium on learning through experience.  Our students are learning how to help people apply management and business disciplines to food systems, combine technical know-how in life sciences and engineering with business expertise, and counsel people on strategies to achieve lifetime financial security.

Scholars in ACES are renowned for their skillful and diverse contributions, from accounting and finance to marketing and risk management. Their efforts are consciously seasoned with real-world applications in areas of the economy broadly related to agricultural, consumer, and environmental sciences.

ACES integrates perspectives on prosperity and financial security with the study of families and communities, globally integrated value chains, resource management, and local and international economic policies. ACES prepares people, young and old, to manage a family’s or firm’s financial affairs, succeed in agriculturally oriented pursuits, or to contribute to economically vibrant and sustainable communities.

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Dr. Yilan Xu
Financial behaviors
Dr. Yilan Xu

As the financial market develops, households and individuals are making financial decisions in an increasingly complex environment. Dr. Yilan Xu’s research efforts focus on household and individual financial behaviors when new financial products become available and new financial legislation passes through. She also explores early life experiences, such as personality development, family structure, and health, as sources of individual differences in financial decision making. Xu aims to characterize social, economic, and legal environments that promote conscious and sound financial decisions among individuals and households, especially among those with limited financial literacy and great financial constraints. Her research provides policy implications on financial regulation, consumer financial protection, financial education, and neighborhood stability.


Paul Stoddard

Financial preparedness is the main focus in ACE 240, Personal Financial Planning. The course, taught by Professor Paul Stoddard, covers a variety of topics, including the lifelong financial planning process, taxes, the time value of money, managing assets and investments, the prudent use of credit, planning for retirement, estate planning, auto and housing decisions, and the basics of auto,