Emily Green, Event Manager for Pear Tree Estate and L.A. Gourmet Catering in Champaign, IL
September 4, 2020
Emily Green

“I manage special events and all things that are involved on the day of the event. This includes coordinating with other vendors, acting as a point of contact for clients, and communicating with back of house staff to ensure things run smoothly. I am responsible for event staff management, training, and hiring. I also manage alcohol purchasing, costing, and recipe development. Working for a small business allows me to experience many aspects of the event industry.

“The hands-on learning lab classes were the most valuable to me. I learn best working through tasks and my time spent in the Spice Box allowed me to experience all of the different roles and aspects of running a restaurant. It was also an opportunity to meet other professionals in the industry and learn more about career options after graduation. As a local alum, I am fortunate to be able to network with current students and even have a few that work with me.”