ACES Leadership

College Leadership

Dean Kimberlee K. Kidwell Kimberlee K. Kidwell
Sharon M. "Shelly" Nickols-Richardson
Interim Associate Dean and Director of University of Illinois Extension and Outreach
Anna Dilger Anna Dilger
Interim Associate Dean for Academic Programs
Dave Rosch Dave Rosch
Interim Associate Dean for Academic Programs
Germán Bollero Germán A. Bollero
Associate Dean for Research
Kimberly Meenen Kimberly Meenen
Assistant Dean, Advancement
Robert Kessler Robert Kessler
Executive Assistant Dean for Administration
LeAnn Ormsby LeAnn Ormsby
Assistant Dean for Information Technology and Communication Services
Alex Winter-Nelson Alex E. Winter-Nelson
Director of International Programs

Academic Departments and Divisions

Photo of Alan Hansen Alan Hansen
Interim Head of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
John A. (Sean) Fox John A. (Sean) Fox
Head of Agricultural and Consumer Economics
Rodney W. Johnson Rodney W. Johnson
Head of Animal Sciences
Photo of Adam Davis Adam Davis
Head of Crop Sciences
Nicki Engesth Nicki Engeseth
Acting Head of Food Science and Human Nutrition
Ramona Oswald Ramona Oswald
Interim Head of Human Development and Family Studies
Jeffrey D. Brawn Jeffrey D. Brawn
Head of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Elvira de Mejia Elvira de Mejia
Head of the Division of Nutritional Sciences