Collaborative Learning Center

Welcome to the College of ACES Collaborative Learning Center (ACLC). The center is a place to assist ACES students facing academic challenges with the goal of retaining them and assisting them in reaching the goal of graduating from our college.

For the spring 2021 semester, the ACLC tutoring services will be offered virtually using Zoom. The ACLC is open Sunday through Thursday 4:00 p.m - 9:00 p.m. CST. We begin the fourth week of classes in spring and fall, and end on the day before Reading Day. We are closed over fall, winter, and spring breaks, campus holidays and summer term.

Join the Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 838 5165 2493
Password: aces

Virtual Tutoring Schedule by Course







ACE 100
ACE 161
ACE 210
ACE 240
ACE 251
ACE 261
ACE 310
ACCY 201
ANSC 100
ANSC 101
ANSC 223
ANSC 224
BADM 310
BADM 320
CHEM 101
CHEM 102/103
CHEM 104/105
ECON 103
FSHN 101
FSHN 120
FSHN 232
MATH 112
MATH 115
MATH 124
MATH 220
MATH 234
MATH 285
PHYS 101
PHYS 211
STAT 100