For Faculty and Advisors

Propose a new program

Faculty-led programs

ACES faculty interested in developing and leading a new course abroad are strongly encouraged to meet with ACES Study Abroad staff as well as their unit's executive officers to discuss their proposed course before submitting a proposal. This process should begin at least 12 months in advance of the proposed program dates.

Faculty should keep the following in mind when designing a new course or adding an international travel component to an existing course

Begin the Proposal & Planning Process

Semester exchange programs

Please note that student exchange agreements are legally binding documents and require us to commit finances in terms of tuition and partial fee waivers. They differ from the Research MOU, which does not commit financial resources.

  • Submit a proposal to the director of Study Abroad Programs in ACES that meets the semester study abroad program criteria.
  • After submitting, the director will respond with questions and to suggest a meeting for further discussion.
  • If the proposal is accepted, the director will follow up with a questionnaire regarding specific information for the host site.
  • Once all information is received, the director will initiate the process to establish the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).
  • A draft of the MOA will be distributed to ACES faculty and requested partner to verify content.
  • Once approved, a final MOA (with any suggested changes/updates) will be sent to host institution for signature.
  • ACES Study Abroad will then set up a program application in the application system for students to apply.

Advising students on study abroad

Students studying abroad are required to obtain course approvals from their departments and college prior to departure. Students in the College of ACES may study abroad (or participate in an international activity) from one to two weeks to an academic year.

There are a large number of courses (more than 2,500) that have been taken by students who have studied abroad during a summer, semester, or academic year. These courses have been reviewed by faculty and staff across campus and are approved for various usage from open electives, degree, and general education requirements.

For a listing of previously approved and taken study abroad courses, log in to the study abroad course database at My.ACES Portal. Please review the directions carefully.

Faculty/advisors will also have an opportunity to make comments or notes on specific courses on this site.

Course Approval Summary Form (CASF)

Read specific instructions and rules regarding the course approval process.

Course Approval Summary Form

Education abroad and international travel policies

Campus policies

International Safety & Security

International Insurance Enrollment Options for faculty/staff, graduate students, and undergraduates traveling abroad on independent research or conference travel: