ACES and TAP: A source of light

ACES and TAP: A source of light

Apr 26
Stephanie Henry, ACES Media Specialist

As a writer for the College of ACES, I get the opportunity to meet a lot of inspiring people who are willing to be vulnerable and tell their stories. What a privilege it is to hear about how people have faced life’s challenges. And it’s also a source of pride to hear how ACES has helped them navigate through those challenges.

One of the families I recently talked with, the Moore’s, a Champaign family navigating their way through their son Jacob’s Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis, found a lifeline in ACES.  Becky, a wife and mom of three, described to me, with candor, some of the difficult stages they have had to work their way through during the years since Jacob was first diagnosed. He is 16 now.

But she also told me, with passion and hope in her voice, about some of the positive things that have happened since the diagnosis. Finding The Autism Program, or TAP, at the U of I was at the top of her list. In particular she credited TAP director Linda Tortorelli with providing her with the encouragement and resources to carry her through a “dark time,” as she remembers it.

And just like TAP, Becky is just as eager to help others and to pass along all she has learned to those who are navigating their way through the challenges of autism. This is such an amazing example of what the ACES story is all about!

April is National Autism Awareness Month. Learn more about the services and resources TAP offers at

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