ACES Family

ACES Family

May 8
Kendra Courson, Director for Special Events

The LIAC is a pretty awesome place to hold meetings, conferences, and poster sessions, and an even better place for very important events, including the past two college investitures. But this place doesn’t run by itself. Hours of operation are typically 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday-Thursday with some weekend hours when events important to the college are held. As the semester draws to a close, I want to recognize the people who really make the conference rooms a place to want to be: the Special Events Office interns.

This group of wonderful ACES students does everything from make coffee to arrange conference rooms set ups to assist with technology needs. They are there to open the rooms, close the rooms and act as a security presence in between. And, what most people don’t realize is they are oftentimes the college ambassadors who greet first time visitors to campus. These visitors can be prospective or admitted students and their families, alumni who have not returned to campus for many years, or an international student who has never been to the United States. They are also the second, third, and fourth set of eyes for every name tag created, every program that is edited, and they are there to warmly greet you at many of the annual college special events. Their role in this intern position encompasses so much, and they are beyond valuable and irreplaceable in my eyes.

So, with graduation right around the corner sharing the same weekend with Mother’s Day, I want to thank them for all they have done for the college and for me. The word family is used a lot in this college. When I think about my ACES family, I think about the students who I am blessed to spend my days with.

LIAC Interns
Kelsey Litchfield, Sara Tondini, Rachel Hawk, Sydney Miller, Jerry Brockett, Matt Raab, and Michael Wetherell at this year's Funk Awards at Pear Tree Estate. Not pictured are Annie Ryan and Megan Vogt.