Another reason I love Illinois
Claire Benjamin Intern
By Claire Benjamin
February 27, 2013

If you haven’t already heard, it’s “I Love Illinois" Week. We are celebrating a very special birthday on Thursday, Feb. 28, it’s University of Illinois’ 146th birthday! To celebrate, I’m sharing one of my top five reasons why I love Illinois each day. So far, I’ve told you about the gorgeous Illinois campus and the literally thousands of RSOs here. Today’s reason why I love Illinois...

3. The opportunities – yes it’s the catch-all category for the millions of opportunities U of I offers its students. U of I abounds with them! From spectacular sports events to outstanding guest lecturers, and from great career and leadership centers to countless internships and scholarships. The list goes on. I love my internship in the College of ACES Communications and Marketing because I get to share all these wonderful opportunities with you.