A Brazilian experience

A Brazilian experience

May 26
Lucas Neira, Animal Sciences graduate student

Every time I try to write about my experiences in the United States, I get lost in my memories. I end up traveling into the past as I remember the walk to where I am today. I have decided to share my travels with you in this blog.

I am a 28-year-old veterinarian from Brazil who has decided to leave my country, family, and friends to learn about cattle production. I arrived in Sidney, Montana, in February 2016 not knowing a single word in English. I knew it would take me time to learn. I started to work on the ranch, living a country life. I enjoyed my time riding horses, and branding and feeding cattle.

After a year learning English and a little bit more about cow-calf operations, Dr. Dan Shike gave me the opportunity to come to the University of Illinois to increase my chances to learn. It’s only been three months since I started as an intern at Dixon Springs Agricultural Center (DSAC), but I am living an amazing experience that I never could have imagined before leaving my country.

The weather, production systems, and research conditions here provide me a great opportunity to keep learning more and more. The technology at DASC allows us to analyze development and results in the pasture with high precision. DSAC also staffs amazing people who work hard to make the research projects work perfectly.

Every time I meet someone new at the ranch, I learn how important people are to achieving results. People can be the key or the bottleneck for a cattle operation, or for any business for that matter. To find someone with a skill and purpose for each job is necessary in order to reach your goals.

At DSAC, I had the pleasure to work with Greg, the head of the operational team. After 18 years working here, Greg is moving on to a new job, but the lessons he’s taught us and the special way he deals with everyone, always concerned and interested in teaching others, will remain with us here at DSAC.

I feel blessed to have this opportunity and I am thankful for every partner I have had in this journey. The people who have taken the time to pass some of their knowledge on to me have made all the difference in my experience here in the United States.

If you want to follow my travels, look for @lucastneira or #thisisthepajelife on Instagram. I’m looking forward to keeping you posted on the Voices of ACES Blog about my internship here in Dixon Springs.