The campus experience captured in the senses

The campus experience captured in the senses

Mar 9
Marla Todd, Associate Director of Advancement Communications

The smell of freshly cut alfalfa, the sound of a favorite hymn, and glare of the sun off a clean sheet of fallen snow all evoke memories via my senses.

As I walked down the hall this week towards the Dean's suite with its iconic woodwork and arch-shape in Mumford Hall, I realized the same is true for the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of campus. Many of these are a part of the campus tapestry and student experience because of generous donors.

The ring of the bells of the McFarland Carillon on the south quad are made possible by a gift from alumnus Dick McFarland in honor of his late wife Sally.

The taste of a Bevier Café cookie comforts the soul! Those cookies are prepared in a kitchen whose renovation was realized with a gift from Phil and Nita Francis.

Looking up as one enters the atrium of the College of ACES Library, Information, and Alumni Center captures an image in the mind that is not quickly forgotten. That “Jewel of the ACES campus” was the result of decades of generous support from alumni and friends of the University of Illinois.

And although they are a bit farther from campus than they once were, the South Farms’ smell continues to remind us all of this great University’s roots in agriculture! Donors have even gifted some of the animals on the South Farms.

Look around, savor the tastes, open your ears as you open your mind, and take in the smells of campus so that memories are absorbed in your senses. You may be surprised when they come back to you.

Mumford Hall