Changing seasons of life

Changing seasons of life

May 26
Debra Korte, Teaching Assistant Professor, Agricultural Education

Who doesn’t love summer?!? Warm temperatures, baseball games, livestock shows, vacations, picnics, outdoor concerts, or whatever else you enjoy doing in this season. 

Along with a change in the weather, summer also lends itself to other forms of change. A change of pace. A change in activities. A change in lifestyle. 

In many ways, I feel as though the people I interact with are also “changing seasons” in life this summer.

Graduations, weddings, and new employment or internships are exciting changes. Often welcomed changes! 

But let’s face it, change often carries a slight bit of fear, too. Fear of the unknown. Fear of moving to a new location. Fear of fulfilling job responsibilities. Fear of meeting expectations from others.

For those who may be changing seasons in life… 

  • Trust the process. Let go of control. 
  • Growth is uncomfortable. Be willing to be uncomfortable. 
  • Realize you are capable of more than you previously believed or imagined.

Whether it’s your favorite season or not, changes occur during the summer months. Recognize opportunities. Embrace the unknown. Keep moving forward. 

Photo provided by Caseelynn Johnston, senior in agricultural education