Do something new

Do something new

Jan 26
Krista Temple, Junior in Agricultural Communications

A new year and a new semester make for a great time to look for new things to do on campus.

Whether you’re a freshman or a senior in your last semester, it shouldn’t be hard to find something new or different to try. Our campus offers everything from ringing the bells at Altgeld Hall and attending a tennis match, to doing research and joining a student organization.

With more than 5,000 courses and 150 programs of study offered, the opportunities here are endless. Take an elective that you aren’t familiar with to learn about a different industry. Additionally, the diversity on our campus and the many study-abroad programs available provide many opportunities to learn about other cultures and other parts of the world.

Whether you check out some fun events, or an opportunity specifically related to your major, a new experience could help you discover a new industry or career that you are interested in and give you new perspectives before you graduate.

Altgeld Hall
See the chimes at Altgeld Hall