Every Gift More Than Meets the I
Every gift makes an impact WITH ILLINOIS.
November 1, 2019

As the end of the calendar year approaches, there is typically an increase in mail and email from a variety of non-profit organizations seeking contributions. You might be asking yourself if and how your philanthropic contribution can create an impact. Often, it’s the collective of annual contributions that provides critical support for a mission. This is certainly the case with the more than 1,300 gifts made each year to the College of ACES Annual Fund. Gifts of all sizes to the ACES Annual Fund are imperative to fulfilling our land-grant mission.

Over the past year, gifts to the ACES Annual Fund have supported scholarships, value-added student learning experiences, student organization activities, recruitment efforts, teaching enhancement opportunities, and alumni and stakeholder programming.

Value-added learning experiences beyond the traditional classroom, including internationally, enrich knowledge and expose students to the world they will enter after graduation. This component of their ACES education prepares them for leadership roles in their careers and communities. The ACES Annual Fund supplements study abroad experiences, immersion classes, and field trips in disciplines across the college. 

Nearly 40 organizations and additional college-wide leadership programs provide students with opportunities to network, learn about careers, and contribute to the life of the college and community as a whole. Projects, programs, conferences and other opportunities often require additional financial support made possible by gifts to the ACES Annual Fund.

Teaching Enhancement – Part of providing students with the best education possible is also ensuring instructors continue to grow and adapt. Educational technology and practice continue to evolve and improve. We must keep pace. The College of ACES provides numerous opportunities for teaching professionals to learn about, explore, and adapt new approaches in the classroom and beyond. Symposium, teaching academy workshops, and the addition of technological teaching tools requires financial support, made possible through the ACES Annual Fund.

Studies illustrate that the availability of scholarships significantly influences a student’s decision of where to attend college and what to study. The ACES Annual Fund creates critical scholarship support to attract and retain talented students from across Illinois and beyond.

The College of ACES is proud of our network of alumni and friends and it’s important to us to remain connected. We celebrate their accomplishments and commitment to our land-grant mission. Contributions to the ACES Annual Fund support engagement activities both on and off campus.

Each gift matters - To support the College of ACES Annual Fund or departmental annual funds, visit www.aces.illinois.edu/giving/give-now or contact the ACES Office of Advancement at 217-333-9355 or acesadvancement@illinois.edu.