Experience can be taught, adaptability cannot

Experience can be taught, adaptability cannot

Dec 1
Nicole Chance, Sophomore in Agricultural Communications

When you’re sitting in an interview and the interviewee asks you, “Why should we select you compared to another candidate that has more experience than you?” how do you respond?

It’s a valid question, that for you freshman, sophomores and juniors searching for internships, or even seniors on the job hunt out there may be intimidated to answer.

To be honest, that was me. Whenever I was asked that question I thought to myself, “you know maybe I’m not qualified enough for this position,” filling my head with the deceiving lie I wasn’t good enough to tackle a new challenge. But looking back on it, and all of the amazing opportunities I have had during my time at U of I, I know now exactly how I would answer that question.

Every job experience I’ve held, I have walked into with little to no knowledge of how to be successful in that role. But one thing I did enter that job role with that I believe a large majority of our generation lacks, is the passion and desire to learn to succeed and go above and beyond the challenge.

You see the point of applying for jobs and internships is to gain experience, not to already know everything you need to know. What would be the point in that?

See the point I think that everyone misses (including employers) is how you adapt when something new is thrown your way. I think that is a defining factor of how a person will act in the work environment, overcome adversity and succeed as a member that can add value to a company’s goals. You may have all the experience in the world, but if you are unable to adapt when a new task is assigned to you or thrown your way, it poses the looming question if you have what it takes to be successful?

So next time you’re in an interview and that question is asked; now you can confidently answer that experience can be taught, but adaptability cannot!