Eye of the beholder
By Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
November 14, 2017

Chad Yagow, ABE alumnus, shares his #ACESstory!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or that’s what they say. When you look at this picture, what do you see? Maybe the green hood of a tractor? Maybe a tilled corn field? Maybe blue sky and strips of brown and tan? 

Look closer. I see the beauty that lies in opportunity. I see specs of mud and dirt and a windshield wiper obscuring my view and an opportunity for glass coating technology that would repel dirt and water. I see an untilled draw and an opportunity for variable rate tillage to control the amount of crop residue left on the soil surface based on soil type and topography. I see a green field in a fall landscape and the opportunity for using cover crops to stop soil loss and retain nutrients and moisture. 

In short, I see opportunity for agronomists, soil scientists, and agricultural and biological engineers to work together to solve the biggest problems our farmers face, today and in the future, to sustainably feed, clothe, and shelter the people of the world. 

So as you drive through the fall landscape, maybe on your way back and forth from celebrating the bounties we have at Thanksgiving, ask yourself what beauty you behold through your eyes…

Chad Yagow is an ABE alumnus, an ex officio member of the ABE External Advisory Committee, and the manager of Agronomy Planning and Partnering for John Deere Technology Innovation Center.