Farewell to the wet nose and the wagging tail

Farewell to the wet nose and the wagging tail

Jul 17
Sara Tondini, Animal Sciences graduate student

When walking into work at the Animal Sciences Laboratory this morning, I was greeted with a wet nose and a wagging tail. The Honorary Department Head, Spenser, says hello to everyone that walks by and puts a smile on their groggy faces. 

I took a senior seminar class last year, and Spenser sat in on our lectures and would be sure to sniff out backpacks for any hidden food. He would plop down on the cool floor and occasionally search for scratches and rubs. Spenser is the beloved pup of the actual Department Head, Dr. Loerch. The two are quite the pair as Dr. Loerch also always greets people warmly, making them feel important. My senior seminar class taught by Dr. Loerch was met with life lessons that were genuine and certainly won’t be forgotten.

Dr. Loerch’s enthusiasm for scientific advances in this industry and his compassion for the people who help make it happen are admirable. The animal sciences family I have been a part of the last four years has always felt like a second home because the people (and pups) here make it that way. 

At the end of this month, we will sadly be saying goodbye to Dr. Loerch and Spenser as they head to Penn State to make new memories and smell new smells. Dr. Loerch accepted a position as the Senior Associate Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences at Penn State, his alma mater, and we congratulate him on this opportunity to make lasting differences in more lives.

The click of Spenser’s paws on the tile and the sound of his collar jingling throughout the halls will be missed by many, so be sure to say goodbye and wish them both well before the end of the month!