Fix Fido and Fluffy as a small animal vet
August 16, 2019

Where are you from?
I was born in Chicago, IL and then moved to Oak Park, IL in 3rd grade.

Where do you live?
After graduating from undergrad, I went to veterinary school and after that moved to the West Loop in Chicago. A year ago I bought a condo in Oak Park, IL.  

Where are you currently employed? What is your current job title? 
Associate Veterinarian at Hinsdale Animal Hospital  

Describe your day to day?
Appointment based hospital for small companion animals (dogs, cats, and exotic companion pets - mammals, birds, and reptiles.) We see walk-in emergencies as well as walk-in appointments throughout the day. We will do 4-6 surgeries every morning and will often do emergency surgeries in the afternoon. We do orthopedic or soft tissue surgeries and I have special training for fracture repairs as well as TPLOs (ACL repair.)

What year did you graduate?
Undergrad 2011
Veterinary School [UofI] 2015

List some or all of the activities you participated in as an undergrad:

  • Pi Beta Phi Sorority
  • Pre-Vet Club
  • Teachers for Creatures

Anything you might want a current undergrad to know?
Don't be deterred if people say you can't do something but keep your options open- work hard to get good grades, leadership, and volunteer experience. Experience in these areas can help you gain work-place skills and help to determine areas of interest you did not originally consider.