A gift is never wasted
November 30, 2020

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. – Aesop

People may often hear those working in philanthropy saying, “No gift is too small.” As trite as Aesop’s quote and a fundraiser’s conviction might sound, this time of year reminds us all efforts do make a difference.

To date in 2020, 4,743 people, companies, and organizations provided over $45 million in support to the College of ACES. This is in addition to the $7 million provided by annual income from endowed gifts. Those dollars provided scholarships, developed new research programs, and activated outreach across the state of Illinois. In particular response to this year’s circumstances, they supported facilities and staff that helped to manufacture hand sanitizer, updated technology to aid remote learning, and bolstered research in stress management, food security, and public policy.

The College of ACES is grateful to each and every donor whose kindness and generosity advances our work in teaching, research, and outreach. As a collective, you fuel the work that creates hope in our classrooms, our communities across the nation, and around the globe!  

On this Day of Giving, we invite you to join together in passion and in purpose by providing a gift in support of the College of ACES. You can give online at www.giving.illinois.edu.