The gift of time
By Marla Todd
August 23, 2018

“Do things for everybody!” Kathy Wessels shared this piece of advice from her late father, Warren Wessels, during a memorial service in his honor this week. Warren Wessels, a former assistant dean in the college certainly “did things for everybody!”

There are many members of the ACES family that credit Warren for the guidance that launched them to success. What he gave to each of them was often time. Time to listen to their concerns and show interest in them as individuals. Time to learn about where they came from and where they wanted to go. Time to do something extra to give a second chance or provide an opportunity.

Time is something we all possess. Each day we make decisions about how to use that time. Giving it to our communities and other people requires nothing from our bank account. Much of the good in this world doesn’t happen without the gift of time.

The Illinois 4-H Foundation recently inducted the 2018 class of the Illinois 4-H Hall of Fame. Those honored volunteered countless hours to benefit 4-H and youth. Time and again, these same people are the ones active in service organizations, school boards, local government, and more. They are the people that build and sustain communities.

As we prepare to start another school year, where will you spend your time? Perhaps we should all “do things for everybody”.