Give generously

Give generously

Feb 7
Debra Korte, Teaching Assistant Professor, Agricultural Education

On the first day of my first full-time job, I found a piece of paper on my desk that listed the “Twelve Rules for Happiness.” I don’t know who placed it on my desk nearly 15 years ago, but through multiple moves of homes and careers, the faded and well-creased piece of paper has held a permanent position on my refrigerator.

Each item on the list is important. For whatever reason, number 7 seems especially relevant right now.

7. Give generously. There is no greater joy in life than to render happiness to others by means of intelligent giving.

I am extremely fortunate to see this philosophy demonstrated each day by those with whom I am privileged to work. Whether it’s conducting a practice job interview, volunteering to facilitate a workshop, or offering a listening ear in the spirit of empathy, the students and colleagues I am surrounded by give generously to help others.

Give wisely by means of intelligent giving. Your time, talents, and resources are valuable. Give with an open heart and an open mind. Give generously in hopes that you can inspire others to do the same.