By Stephanie Henry
October 18, 2016

If you spend time in Mumford Hall, and have made your way down the hallway on the second floor, maybe you’ve stopped to browse at the collection of newspaper and magazine clippings on the ACES’ News and Public Affairs bulletin board. It’s not uncommon to see clippings from the Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, Popular Science, The Atlantic, Shape or Good Housekeeping magazines, or from ag publications from around the state and nation, all featuring research or interviews from ACES researchers and faculty.

I was passing by this bulletin board one day, and it made me think of my refrigerator at home. My kids’ art work, report cards, drawings, A+ homework assignments, etc. have adorned the refrigerator over the years. I put their important papers there because I am proud of the work they have done. That refrigerator gallery is a great reminder to me, and to them, of all the progress they have made and all the interesting things they have learned.

Our bulletin board in the hallway sort of functions the same.

From interviews about herbicide resistance in crops, to articles highlighting ways ACES is exploring new therapies for diseases like cancer or diabetes, or how we are helping to strengthen families, our researchers are experts in their fields. They have made much progress over the years and they have learned a lot. To say we’re proud of the work they do is an understatement.

The next time you’re in Mumford Hall, stop by the second floor and read a few of the headlines, researcher quotes, and findings!