Immerse yourself in NYC's fine-dining scene
November 1, 2019

For my junior year summer, I had the opportunity to intern at the Union Square Hospitality Group, a company that I have admired for its vision of hospitality. I was hired as a restaurant operations intern at the Union Square Cafe, the company’s flagship restaurant. This 10-week internship allowed me to understand the entire operation of a fine-dining restaurant. I started off as a kitchen server which allowed to interact with the chefs and guests and more importantly,  understand the flow of the restaurant. Then, I shadowed various managerial and entry-level positions to recognize the importance of each role and how they work together as a team. In addition, I spent a large portion of my time completely reorganizing their CGS (chinas, glassware, silverware) inventory system. I created a master sheet to allow them to track the count of each item as well as its serial number, making ordering CGS a much simpler process for the managers. Overall, there was not a day that I didn’t learn something new about, service, wine, and professionalism…It truly made me realize what it takes to become a top-tier restaurant in New York City.