It's the friendships
By Meg Neumann
November 16, 2018

A little over four years ago, I was in class. Just a regular day of Econ 101 (or whatever number it was) when my phone rang. That’s probably no big deal for most, but for me, it was. My ringtone has always been cows mooing. So, like any normal person, I go to shut my phone off. In doing that, I knock over my coffee making a huge mess thus embarrassing myself in front of a classroom full of people I didn’t know. 

Luckily, I don’t embarrass easy and just kind of laughed it off with everyone else. But unlucky(ish) for me, people still remember that day. In that class was my, now, roommate and good friend who brought this story up the other day and it got me thinking. 

We all think about college as a time to learn, live on your own, find a job, things like that. One really important thing we don’t think about is the friends that college brings. College is stressful, having a friend to vent (and stress eat entire baguettes with) is important for mental health. Having friends from high school to gossip with about all the people from your high school to distract you from the paper you have to write. Having friends who you can count on for a good laugh when you get overwhelmed and having friends to share experiences with is important.

The moral of that, through a kinda cheesy story, was to remember to look up from your laptop in class. Meet some people around you on a real, personal level because you never know how one person who laughed at you in a random Econ class could change your life.

So, thank you to all the friends I’ve made in college. Thank you to all the people I’ve stayed friends with since high school and thank you to all the friends I haven’t made yet who are sitting in a class just waiting for that cow mooing ringtone, so they can laugh at me and start a friendship.