Join the conversation

Join the conversation

Feb 13
Stephanie Henry, ACES Media Specialist

Have you had a chance to check out any of our #askACES Twitter chats over the last several months? We have had a blast getting to know the faculty and researchers who have participated. We have also learned a lot about what kinds of questions the media and the public have about the impactful work we do in the College of ACES.

Each month, during the one-hour Twitter chat, ACES researchers answer your questions in a live Q & A conversation.  We have covered some, often, timely topics such as childhood obesity, the science of processed meat, GMOs, and water quality, to name a few.  Our ACES experts have been able to share a lot of helpful information and resources during these chats, even considering the limited-number of characters allowed in a “tweet.”

Each chat is then followed up with a podcast interview with the researchers to dig a little deeper into the conversation and cover questions that may not have been answered during the Twitter chat.

On Feb. 16, we’ll be talking with Dr. Brian Ogolsky from the Department of Human Development and Family Studies as he discusses the science behind why romantic relationships improve or deteriorate. It’s Valentine’s Day week so perhaps relationship maintenance is on a few peoples’ minds?

You are invited to join the conversation using #askACES on Twitter from noon - 1 p.m. on Thurs. Feb. 16 to ask your questions or to simply follow the conversation.  

Stay tuned for future #askACES topics and dates. For previous podcasts visit