Kleenex and all the other things your academic advisor can give you

Kleenex and all the other things your academic advisor can give you

Sep 20
Marla Todd, Associate Director of Advancement Communications

The first few weeks of school can come with some unplanned questions or circumstances. A Western culture course isn’t all that the course description implied. The Spanish class you planned to take at the local community college has been canceled. You decided over the summer that you really do want to have a study abroad experience, but are worried that it won’t fit in your schedule.

All of these scenarios should involve a visit with an academic advisor. Not only are they the most familiar with the information you need to resolve academic challenges, they are also committed to making the student experience a positive one!

Academic advisors are often the individuals who will meet you at the door of their office with the box of Kleenex, like Del Dahl did for me 15 years ago. They also might be the person who provides the “tough love” that you need to push through a situation when you are ready to give up!

What’s my point? Make the appointment! Send the e-mail! Your academic advisor will likely be able to help you out in less time than it takes you to post about the challenge on social media!

And because I probably didn’t say it 15 years ago, “Del, thanks for the Kleenex!”