Knowing Três Muchachas Ranch

Knowing Três Muchachas Ranch

Aug 29
Lucas Neira, Animal Sciences graduate student

Over the last two weeks, I had the chance to travel a little bit around the Brazilian state called Mato Grosso do Sul. On this trip, I got to visit a ranch that is doing some very different work and breaking some taboos around there.

I always try to take the greatest things I learned while in the US and apply them to the opportunities and potential for improvement in different countries.

In Brazil, I was surprised by the amazing way that Três Muchachas Ranch has been producing high-quality beef. Gabriel Junqueira, the ranch's manager, applies his experiences working in Australia to Três Muchachas. He often travels to the U.S. to learn more about what's working there to take home to his ranch.

Junqueira says that a right genetics paired with a particular management is the key to his model. Some of those strategies include choosing special semen, feeding high levels of grains, and selling to specific markets.

Três Muchachas Ranch has pushed their production to more than double in just two years, without having to open new lands. This success is something that deserves to be shared.

As we search for sustainable ways to feed more people using less resources, I feel encouraged by stories like those of Três Muchachas Ranch.