Make a difference with a career in research

My time as an undergraduate student in the Crop Sciences has helped guide me to seek opportunities in which I never considered before. I come from a suburban background with absolutely zero knowledge about agriculture and now I am about to pursue a Master’s degree in Agronomy and study weed science. The knowledge I gained in my coursework was incredibly helpful in preparing me for my future and lead me to work as a Research Assistant for a weed ecology lab throughout my undergraduate career. I took one of the required courses, an introduction to weed science class, and realized this topic was what interested me the most. This interest is what lead me to become a Research Assistant where I was able to work in the field and gain invaluable experience. 

I’ve found that agricultural research is critical to the future of our food supply. As a Research Assistant undergraduate student, I got to work with many different people and learn about their projects. I worked with corn and soybeans, but also sweet corn, cassava, and sorghum. A Ph.D. student and I collaborated with the international beer company, Anheuser-Busch InBev, and traveled to South Africa and Zambia to work on a project for their research team. Working on these projects and learning from others in the field has lead me to realize how important this work is. I’ve found that I want to continue my education and pursue a career in agricultural research. 

I am currently working in the same research group I worked in as an undergrad. The research we carry out is focused on integrated weed management strategies that can lead to improved crop yields and less reliance on herbicides. I am incredibly grateful for all the great experiences and the knowledge I gained during my time as an undergraduate in Crop Sciences and I am looking forward to pursuing a career in agricultural research and weed science.