A new season

A new season

Apr 5
Debra Korte, Teaching Assistant Professor, Agricultural Education

Change is happening all around us. The trees are budding and the grass is transitioning from the dingy brown during winter to a much more pleasant shade of green.

In the changes of spring we find hopeful anticipation, along with feelings of fear and concern. Will the trees turn out as beautiful as we hope, or will an unexpected frost kill the buds? What if uncontrollable storms and wind take away the beauty of the flowering buds?

Trees are not the only things changing around campus. Students are experiencing a lot of changes, too. The inevitable change of the upcoming season lends itself to excitement and uncertainty. The “budding” of internships and career opportunities is exciting, but changes in geographic location and job responsibilities can be uncomfortable.

All new growth – for plants and people – brings some level of discomfort. Despite the fears of unexpected or uncontrollable circumstances, we must remain hopeful of the potential beauty that is yet to come in the new season.

Budding trees