Next Step in my Life
Lupe Cruz in a suit
By Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
October 16, 2018

By Lupe Cruz, senior in ABE

It is now October in the school year. That, combined with the fact that I am a senior, means I will have to get my game face on and tackle this year hard. It’s ironic that some people think the term “senior-itis” means more of a relaxed year. To me it’s the year where I decide what I want to do with my future, because this is the season of résumé editing, career fairs, and interviewing.

I have just finished my summer with a business management internship, and it was a great learning experience. I went over profit and loss statements, daily operating revenue reports, and there was something new every day because of all the customers to satisfy. However, I don’t plan on going back to the company because I want to pursue something else in the construction industry. Because of that, I went into this school year knowing that I would have to work hard to try and catch the eyes of recruiters, whether it be online or at on-campus career fairs. In the College of ACES, I fully utilize our career resources, and I recommend them to anyone needing advice or assistance. I’m able to get professional opinions on my résumé and see what needs to be edited and how I need to present myself to employers.

I thoroughly enjoy going to career fairs because I am a social person and love meeting new people. I know a face-to-face conversation with a big company might scare some people, but I personally love it. [Side note: it’s beneficial for me to speak with many different companies as well, because the more companies I speak with, the better my “elevator pitch” becomes.] I was able to land a few interviews from the career fair, which is something I was really excited about. Those respective interviews went very well in my opinion; I kept eye contact, sat up straight, and the interviews had a more personal atmosphere rather than an employer-candidate one. Although if I’m being honest, I do need to work on my phone-interviewing capabilities. I had one that was a bit difficult for me because I could not read any body language.

The University of Illinois has treated me very well. These past four years I made life-long friends, unforgettable memories, and significantly enhanced my knowledge and learning. The job hunting and interviewing I have done has set into reality that this is my last year here. I am about to embark on my next journey, and as I take these next steps in my life, I can confidently say I am excited for what the future will bring.