Perspective: Cast a different light

Perspective: Cast a different light

Jun 12
Debra Korte, Teaching Assistant Professor, Agricultural Education

Beauty abounds at the University of Illinois. The architecture of the buildings and the plant-life that surrounds us reflect the history of a campus steeped in the rich traditions of a land-grant university.

But sometimes in our daily encounters with familiar surroundings, we neglect to really see the beauty that lies within, often because we are taking the same path at the same time every day, not bothering to even consider the context around us. We are viewing things from a singular perspective. 

The same holds true for our interactions with people. Our impressions of a person or situation may change when we look at them from a unique perspective. This may be as simple as slowing down, deeply listening, or asking thoughtful questions about the other person’s life. Once we develop a habit of perspective-shifting, we often find characteristics in people that are in stark contrast to our initial impressions. The world around us becomes more interesting and more beautiful. 

There are times when we must take a step back from the situation, lean in to learn more, or cast a different light to recognize someone else’s viewpoint. Challenge yourself to take a break from “normal” paths and patterns.  What new perspectives can you discover that you hadn’t quite seen before?

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