Post Career Fair Aftershock

Post Career Fair Aftershock

Oct 12
Jean Drasgow, Director of ACES Career Services

It was an awesome two days of career fair and day after interviews last week. Many students are still feeling the effects of meeting employers and interviewing.

The ACES & Sciences Career Fair was on Thursday, Oct. 5 with more than 1300 students participating including freshman through graduate students. A vast array of employers attended including alumni and seasoned recruiters which makes the event feel like a “family reunion” of sorts. The day after interviews were robust. We had 52 interview schedules running which resulted in 242 unique interviewees and 350 total interviews held at the ARC. Many more interviews are scheduled in the upcoming weeks.

One sophomore told me that she was glad she attended last year because the previous experience made her less nervous. This year, she secured 5 interviews the next day and had two offers by Tuesday, Oct. 10. Because she has to accept or decline one offer before another company’s second round interview is scheduled, she’ll need to decide which one to accept and which one to let go. What a problem to have!

This year, I had a particularly good time at the fair seeing children of colleagues participate for the first time. A friend posted on Facebook the following conversation with her freshman daughter:

Me: How was the career fair?
Oldest: I didn’t realize it was so hard to get a job out here.
Me: Lol! You are just a freshman.

I replied to the friend that I was proud of her freshman daughter for attending the fair. Her response was:

“Me too! I didn’t go to a career fair until my senior year. You guys are doing a good job of getting your freshman involved.”

And that is the crux of it. In ACES we’re motivated to get freshman exposed to career development because career readiness doesn’t happen in a day. Thank you to all of the recruiters who chose to wear the Freshman Friendly badge to help our students grow. I would also like to thank all the many volunteers and staff that made the event a success.