Reason five why I love Illinois
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By Claire Benjamin
March 1, 2013

Today’s my last blog post in celebration of “I Love Illinois" Week. Yesterday was the University of Illinois’ 146th birthday, and as we look forward to the next 150 years or so of this institution, we have to think about what will get us there. I believe it’s the people.

5) The people are what make the University of Illinois what it is. We are more than 40,000 individuals. We are a family. We care about each other’s success and work together to achieve countless amazing accomplishments. I am more than a UIN here. I am greeted in the halls and called by name in my classes. And, I hope I am one of the people that makes others thrilled to be a part of our Illinois family.

So in case you haven’t been keeping track, the top five reasons I love Illinois are: the campus, RSOs, opportunities, education and people. Cheers to the next 146 years!