Reason four why I love Illinois
ACES Classroom
By Claire Benjamin
February 28, 2013

It’s day four of “I Love Illinois" Week, but more importantly today marks the University of Illinois’ 146th birthday! To celebrate, I’ve been sharing one of my top five reasons why I love Illinois each day. So far, I’ve told you about Illinois’ campus, RSOs, and opportunities. Today I think it’s fitting that I talk about this institution’s world-class educational system.

4) The education. That’s the real reason we are all here, and I know I couldn’t have chosen a better place for my field (agricultural communications) or any other. We have world-renowned faculty who go above and beyond to ensure that their students absorb, retain, and apply the material. We know that when we leave the hallowed halls of Illinois, we will be leaving with educations that will carry us through our professions.