Remembering a friend

Remembering a friend

Jul 17
Marla Todd, Associate Director of Advancement Communications

Rising from the open expanse of the South Quad is the McFarland Bell Tower. For those in ACES, the chiming of the McFarland Bell Tower is now a part of each and every day. What some may not know is that the McFarland Bell Tower was erected from a gift from H. Richard (Dick) McFarland in memory of his wife Sally.

Dick McFarland passed away on June 28 in Indiana. The bell tower will now also serve as a lasting reminder of his generosity and commitment to the University of Illinois. In addition to the bell tower, Dick and Sally provided a gift for the McFarland Student and Alumni Center, located in the ACES Library, Information and Alumni Center. Numerous ACES students receive scholarships made possible by Dick’s contributions. Illinois 4-H members have also benefited from his support of statewide awards and programs.

Dick was raised on the family farm in Hoopeston and graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in agriculture in 1952. He was the senior class president that year, when the football team played in the Rose Bowl.

Dick spent two years as an officer in the United States Air Force, serving in the Korean War. He built a successful career in corporate America, working for companies such as Keebler Cookies, Campbell Soup, and KFC Corporation before starting his own company. McFarland Foods Corp. was a thriving company operating as many as 45 fast food restaurants in three states at one time.

As we hear the chimes and watch weddings, engagements and special occasions at the bell tower, we can now remember Dick McFarland’s loyalty, accomplishments, and his willingness to share his success with others! The College of ACES family will miss him.    

McFarland Key Award Winners
Dick McFarland pictured with his 2016 Illinois 4-H Key Award Recipients.