Risks and Rewards. Adjust as Needed.

Risks and Rewards. Adjust as Needed.

Jan 17
Debra Korte, Teaching Assistant Professor, Agricultural Education

Winter brings lots of things, including snow, ice, and cold temperatures. Sometimes we have to adjust our plans due to the unpredictable weather.

Regardless of the weather conditions, it is our perspective on the situation that allows us to see either the dangers of the winter weather or the hidden beauty in the ice and snow.

Ice is slick and dangerous. It eventually either cracks or melts. When you look at a crack in the ice, you will find that it has a definite starting point. This point diverts into several small cracks with varying endpoints. But a crack in the ice is never a straight line.

I’ve written a lot of reference letters the past few weeks for students who are applying for jobs or internships. Each student has a vision for where he or she wants to end up in life and in a career. Similar to a crack in the ice, there is a definite starting point (i.e., first job or internship) which expands into a web of opportunities. There is no straight line, but each path leads to a distinct endpoint. Along the way, each path offers something new to learn and someone to learn from.

Just like the unexpected snow and ice can change our plans, sometimes life brings unexpected breaks which require us to adjust our path. Be alert. Pay attention. Learn from others on the journey. Say “yes” to things that you know will help you reach your goals.

Ice can be risky and beautiful. Look for the potential rewards which lie within the risks. Make adjustments as needed.