RSO Spotlight: Animal Sciences Graduate Student Association

RSO Spotlight: Animal Sciences Graduate Student Association

Sep 6
Sara Tondini, Animal Sciences graduate student

Key-note speakers, increased connections, a community of peers, and free food.

As an undergrad at UIUC, I was able to find all of this and more through the many registered student organizations (RSO) available to us in the Department of Animal Sciences. This was something I didn’t want to lose as I made the transition to grad school. The Animal Sciences Graduate Student Association (GSA) is the only RSO in the department made specifically for grad students. It’s a lot harder to make connections with your peers in grad school because you’re not taking as many classes and you don’t have as much free time. GSA offers a space for everyone to get to know more about each other and the research that’s going on in every lab and on every farm in the department.

GSA hosts a social and meeting every month. The social is a chance for students to get know each other outside of the lab coats and coveralls. Past socials have included a park picnic, potluck, local restaurant hangouts, an Illini football tailgate, and a Christmas party. The meetings bring in keynote speakers to inform the members on topics that relate specifically to graduate school. Career connections, information about our farm facilities, and insight from our own alum and former President of the University of Illinois, Dr. Easter, have all been meeting topics covered in the past.

Get connected! Join us the Animal Sciences Graduate Student Association facebook group to stay up to date on upcoming events and communicate with other members.

Hope to see you at our first meeting on September 7th at noon in ASL room 292/296. We'll have pulled pork from the Meat Science Lab and our keynote speaker will be sharing info about all the farm facilities on campus!

students and dog in lawn
The first GSA social of the new school year includes food, games, fun, and of course, pets!