Running to the Goal

Running to the Goal

Jun 29
Debra Korte, Teaching Assistant Professor, Agricultural Education

I have a love-hate relationship with the exercise of running. Although I hate the thought of running, I love to use running as a chance to set aside the worries of life, step away from technology, and focus on the task at-hand. When it comes time to self-motivate, I tell myself these five rules for running (go ahead, count on one hand)…  

  1. Watch your step. Each step is important. We may encounter large rocks, small rocks, and mud. Focus. Prepare for anything that may come along the path.
  1. Look ahead with an eye on the prize. Sometimes we become so focused on the steps that we lose sight of the end goal. Details are important – no one wants to turn an ankle – but never lose sight of the end goal.
  1. When it’s comfortable, try a new path. The known path is comfortable because we know what to expect. When we take a different route to look at surroundings from a unique perspective, we often recognize opportunities from a new vantage point.  
  1. Run the hill. Any goal worth pursuing includes an uphill climb. The hills always appear when we are exhausted and worn. There are two options – walk the hill or run the hill. Either way, we have to climb the hill to reach the goal. RUN the hill. The end reward is worth it.
  1. Finish strong. We always have the choice to stop pursuing the goal. Yet somewhere inside we find the courage and the energy to meet or surpass the goal. Muster up everything remaining to finish strong.

We often find ourselves “running” in one or more aspects of life – summer classes, internships, or “vacations” (which feel more stressful than they were intended to be).

Whatever big goal you are staring down this summer, I hope this quick handful of hints helps you get there.