Say Hello to Handshake

Say Hello to Handshake

Sep 18
Jean Drasgow, Director of ACES Career Services

“Hello… Is it me you’re looking for? Cause I wonder where you are and what you do...”

In 1983, Lionel Richie probably didn’t know that he was predicting the exciting new things happening at ACES Career Services in 2017. As a campus, the University of Illinois has adopted a new career services platform called Handshake @ Illinois. Handshake was selected for its likeness to social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Additionally employers only need a single login to recruit at multiple schools – eliminating the need for multiple accounts and passwords!

Replacing I-Link, Handshake is the new portal to find jobs and internships, on-campus interviews, workshops, career coaching appointments, and much more.  Handshake is used at more than 400 schools nationwide and by 230,000 employers around the globe, providing ACES students with more opportunities than ever before.

This new platform makes it easier for students and employers to find exactly “who they’re looking for” by providing job recommendations based on more than just a student’s major. Students complete a profile in Handshake that includes “where they are and what they do.” Adding interests, skills, and location preferences to a Handshake profile enhances job recommendations based on the student’s profile. Similar to finding the right tune on Spotify or movie on Netflix, the more profile information provided to Handshake, the more targeted the job recommendations are for the user.

ACES Career Services is excited to be launching this new platform and hope you will join us in discovering how it can help both our students and employers.