Seeing the unknown as opportunity

Seeing the unknown as opportunity

Jun 13
Sara Tondini, Animal Sciences graduate student

Since the start of my graduate school research project, I've been reminded each day of how little I know.

I use to be discouraged about what I didn’t know. I thought it meant I wasn't smart enough or I didn't learn enough or I didn’t pay attention enough. I'm starting to realize that not knowing is not a bad thing.

Not knowing means the new paths you've decided to take are being met with new challenges and chances to learn every day.

I didn't know how to collect rumen fluid (basically just cow stomach juice) a couple of weeks ago, but I do now. I didn't know what a spectrophotometer was (and I still don't really know) but I know how to use it.

I didn't know there were so many people waiting to help me out and support me on my new journey, but there are lots! So that's why I'm excited about the unknown.

There will always be new things to explore and research, and I think my main goal isn't to find the answers to everything: It’s to keep finding the unknown.  

Girl in lab testing samples