Student interns TAP into service

Student interns TAP into service

Apr 10
Tyler Wolpert, Communications Specialist

Walk into Christopher Hall on the edge of campus, and The Autism Program (TAP) is the first thing you’ll notice. It’s an engaging, vibrant community center dedicated to helping families and individuals dealing with an autism diagnosis. Looking around, you’ll also notice several student interns staffing the program’s resource room. You’ll see these interns busy at work creating learning aids, helping visiting families feel welcomed, or undergoing training on best practices concerning autism spectrum disorders.

TAP’s internship program accepts around 10 undergraduate and graduate students each semester who come from disciplines across campus like psychology, human development and family studies, and speech and hearing sciences. These interns provide a total of 88 hours of volunteer work every week, which allows TAP to provide services to the community Monday through Saturday. The interns’ service facilitates the program’s mission. “We wouldn’t have relevancy or even exist without the dedication and work of our interns,” says TAP Director Linda Tortorelli. “Our students are vital in our efforts to engage with the local community and to assist faculty researchers with their work.”

Student interns also develop invaluable skillsets that have lifelong impacts. One student, senior in Speech and Hearing Science Brittany Silvers, was drawn to the program because of the unique experiences offered by the internship.

“I was interested in the incredible resources and information the program provides to the community,” says Silvers. “I’m studying speech language pathology, and this is just such an incredible opportunity to develop some important skills that will go on to benefit me in my professional life.”

If you’re looking for an opportunity to personally and professional grow while serving your community, TAP is currently accepting applications for new interns, and more information can be found at

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