Supportive faculty and extracurricular activities make all the difference
By Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
July 9, 2018

by Katarina Pearson

When you think of an engineering student at college, you often think of someone who lives in the library and is an extremely studious, academically-focused person. They are someone who dedicates themselves to their homework and never goes out to hang with friends or do fun activities around campus as there is no time for it. However, being an engineering student can involve so much more!

The Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ABE) knows that college life includes more than academics. They often schedule events for students and encourage them to be a part of clubs and sports at school. I am an engineering student, but I express my other interests as well. I am on the board of HASO, the Hellenic-American Student Association, to promote my heritage. Along with that, I participate in the Greek community at school as a member of the sorority Alpha Epsilon Phi. Finally, I partake in the university’s synchronized figure skating team, IllinoiSkating. Without these things in my life, it would not feel like I am grasping the experiences offered to me. Our professors encourage us to go out and find ourselves in different activities.

The support of the ABE faculty has been amazing. In the last academic year, my participation in IllinoiSkating required that I travel to places in Michigan and Kansas, and I even flew to Portland, Oregon to compete at nationals. The professors understood and made it possible for me to do my work in a productive manner while I was gone. Without such considerate faculty, being a college level athlete and engineering student would have posed more challenges than necessary. My experiences as a college student have been greatly enhanced by the supportive faculty in the Department of ABE!

(Katarina Pearson is a junior in Agricultural and Biological Engineering. In the photo, she is on the far right of the first row.)