Telling our story

Telling our story

Jan 13
Kim Kidwell, Dean of the College of ACES

Transitions create an opportunity for reflection. In my case, I am reflecting on a 22-year journey I spent at another institution and a 2-month journey I have just begun at the University of Illinois! I can sum up my impression of the College of ACES in one sentence: The faculty, staff and students in this college are nothing short of fabulous. I am truly impressed with the people that make up the ACES community, including our alumni, stakeholders, and friends. You, as a collective, define the essence of this organization. Every day I learn new things about the amazing work that is occurring in our trenches that impacts the quality of people’s lives locally, regionally, nationally, and around the globe. You are living into the land-grant mission, and I am very grateful that you chose to invite me to return to the ACES family. I am confident that the profile of the college and the value of our work will rise internally and externally as our future unfolds. 

The best way to predict the future is to create it. To that end, defining who we want to be, how we want to be, and what we want to create are going to be primary topics of discussion across the college over the next few months. My highest priority now is to discover the “ACES stories” so I can share them with people that I encounter on my introductory tours. As I learn more about what we do and why it matters, I am finding opportunities to engage in meaningful discussions with people who are interested in supporting our efforts or partnering with us to expand possibilities. What I ask is that you do your best to help our communications team tell your stories in a compelling way by responding to their requests for interviews, stories, and information. Every day I learn something new that’s taking place in ACES that people across the globe need to know about in order to improve their ability to make informed decisions. I am willing to be the messenger, and what I need most from you is support with gathering our messages. 

I embrace the future with you knowing that the journey will be challenging, but the outcome will be worth the efforts. After all, few things that I have ever done in my life that were worthwhile were easy. I consider challenges to be opportunities that can translate into amazing successes. From that perspective, the future of the College of ACES looks incredibly bright.

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