What made you choose University of Illinois?

What made you choose University of Illinois?

Oct 30
Judy Mae Bingman, 4-H Media & Marketing

For me, University of Illinois was simply where one went to get the best education. It’s where my sisters went. It was close enough to get home and far enough away to not go home all the time. It was the only place I applied and where I was meant to be.

So, what was your reason for choosing Illinois? Did you visit the campus for a camp, conference, or event? Did you receive financial assistance? Are you continuing an Illini family tradition?

Here’s how Illinois 4-H is helping youth choose Illinois.

Showcasing U of I

Illinois 4-H brings prospective students to this campus for 4-H events. 4-H Road Trip brought nearly 200 youth to explore campus as they marked items off their Illini bucket list … a picture with Alma, a cookie from Bevier Café, a photo in front of Follinger, and a visit to Morrow Plots.

Are you one of the thousands of students who came to campus over the years for 4-H Illini Summer Academies? Youth study with University instructors, work in University labs, and stay in University dorms as they get their first glimpse at what it means to be an Illini. We offer financial assistance to first generation youth who never thought Illinois was an option for them.

Illinois 4-H teams up with ACES Animal Science staff and students for annual state contests in the area of livestock judging, poultry, and equine science. The prospective students attending these 4-H events dream of one day standing in those same spots as they earn degrees which will change their future.

Extending research

Every time we say Illinois 4-H, we couple it with University of Illinois Extension. There is not 4-H without Extension, and there is not Extension without University of Illinois. Extension’s role in Illinois has never wavered; take unbiased research knowledge of the university and extend it to the people who use it to improve their lives.

So when HDFS defines best practices for improving families, we use it with the 200,000 kids we meet each year. When there’s a new way of feeding baby pigs, we use our social media platforms to tell the world. When a better way of improving crop yield is found, we make sure we tell our 4-H crops project members and their families.

Extending Knowledge, Changing Lives isn’t just a tagline. It’s our daily ‘to do’ list.

Easing college costs

University of Illinois Extension and ACES is making it a little easier to choose Illinois by offering 54 $2,500 scholarships next year to incoming freshmen and transfer students choosing ACES at Illinois. Every ACES college-bound youth in every Illinois county may apply. And, for those who aren’t one of the lucky 54, the Illinois 4-H Foundation and local county foundations across Illinois provide thousands of dollars in college scholarships each and every year.

Making connections

We don’t think college is something you do alone. We are here to help. When you join 4-H, you join a family who cares about your happiness and success. ACES is filled with 4-H alums willing to help you find your place at Illinois. Ask us for help. Join the new 4-H campus student organization. Volunteer at 4-H events on campus. After all, we’re family, and you’re carrying on our Illini 4-H tradition.

Isn’t it time you checked in with your 4-H family? Visit us @ 4-H.illinois.edu.