What We Do and Why It Matters

What We Do and Why It Matters

Sep 14
Kim Kidwell, Dean of the College of ACES

It is an incredible honor to serve as the Dean of the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, where we walk the talk of the land-grant mission. I often wish that other people could see what I see every day: 185 faculty and over 1,500 staff members statewide doing their best to improve the quality of life of people in the state of Illinois, across the nation, and around the world. I am proud of the ACES community, and continually marvel at the quality of our faculty, staff, and students. We embrace challenge with resiliency and persistence, knowing that the outcome is worth even the most difficult of journeys because what we do matters to people.  

In order to better share the value of our work, I issued a challenge to members of our academic departments several months ago: create a 2- to 3-sentence statement that reflects what you do and why it matters so that anyone who reads it can understand the importance of your contributions. I am truly thrilled to share with you the outcome of that effort. Thanks to the talented efforts of our Director of Communications and Marketing, Jennifer Shike, we have a complete set of “What We Do and Why It Matters” statements for each of our departments and academic programs, which can be found here. The document can be searched for keywords using Ctrl+F. The department/program statements are also linked below for your convenience.

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Agricultural and Consumer Economics

Agricultural Education

Agricultural Communications

Animal Sciences

Crop Sciences

Food Science and Human Nutrition

Human Development and Family Studies

Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences  

You may find a colleague from a different department with an area of interest that would complement your work by reading through these statements. A prospective graduate student may find their ideal advisor by looking at these descriptions. An industry partnership might evolve when people realize the capacity of our research portfolio. At the very least, people will be very impressed with the quality of the faculty and staff that create the essence of this college. We will distribute this information broadly to bring awareness to the talent base within the college and to help you connect to colleagues with common interests. 

By the way, if you are wondering what I do and why it matters …

I set the strategic priorities for the college and help generate resources to support our efforts while managing faculty, staff, and students to promote excellence in the three legs of our land-grant mission: teaching, research, and extension. I empower people to be transformational change agents that address the world’s biggest challenges to improve the quality of life and well-being of people around the globe.

Kim and Brandon