You say tomato

You say tomato

Jul 14
Stephanie Henry, ACES Media Specialist

Nothing says summer, like homegrown tomatoes, right?

During the summer months, many ACES students are learning a lot about tomatoes. There are students not only growing and harvesting tomatoes right on campus, but also learning how to safely process them into products and creating delicious recipes from them.

Through a partnership between the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, the Department of Crop Science’s Sustainable Student Farm, and University Housing Dining Services, students are involved in every step of the process of creating “locally grown” tomato-based sauces for the dining halls on campus. In fact, assuming a good tomato harvest this year, the Illinois Sustainable Food Project will provide 100 percent of the pizza sauce served on campus.  That is a lot of sauce and a lot of pizza!

And the project is expanding to include wheat milling and cold-pressed fruit juices from crops also grown on campus.

Aside from the delicious products that are being produced, the project is allowing an excellent educational opportunity to students as they learn to use industrial grade equipment to make real products in large quantities, like 2,000 pounds of tomatoes large.

It’s not only a great partnership between ACES and the dining halls, but also a great model of sustainable food production.

Read more about the project  here

tomato plant