“Luck” of the draw

“Luck” of the draw

Oct 3
Jason Emmert, Assistant Dean, Academic Programs

Did you ever notice how some students seem to be so lucky, and good things just happen to them? Great jobs, awesome internships, exciting study abroad opportunities, bountiful scholarship support, and on and on. What’s the deal with that?

Well, the truth is, I’ve never met a lucky student. I have met many students, however, who create their own luck through hard work, perseverance, and the basic skill of paying attention! Today, hopefully all of our students in ACES have paid attention to the opportunity they have to attend the ACES and Sciences Career Fair, which will be held at the ARC this afternoon from 1:00-5:30 p.m. For freshmen, it’s a great chance to network with representatives from more than 100 organizations; for sophomores and juniors, it’s an opportunity to look for an internship; for seniors, the time has come to take action toward that first step after graduation.

The ACES and Sciences Career fair draws so many organizations to campus because of the quality of our students; our students are drawn to the event because of the outstanding internship and job opportunities. Together, students and organizations are drawn together to find matches that to some people look like pure luck. But we know the truth; you make your own luck!

Have a great day, and good “luck”!

Mike Carter (left) and Luke Rincker (right) are experiencing a reunion of sorts today in Suite 115 of the ACES Library. Luke is working this morning before heading over to the career fair, and Mike is back on campus to represent Hormel Foods at the fair. Mike and Luke worked together as interns in Suite 115. Networking at its finest!